Mindfulness Retreat for Youths with The Blue Cliff Monastics

Mindfulness Retreat for Youths with The Blue Cliff Monastics
at Hoa Nghiem Pagoda 9105 Backlick Road, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060
March 31, 2013 – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Theme: “From Anger to Happiness”

*Are you having a hard time controlling your anger at your parents, your brothers and sisters, your friends? And parents, do you often get mad at your children?

*Are you frustrated that you often say the wrong things when you get angry?

*Do you feel that other people, especially your own parents or your children,
misunderstand you often?

Under the guidance of the Blue Cliff Monastics, parents and youths will explore questions such as these, and will learn ways of stepping from anger to understanding and then to happiness.

The Blue Cliff monks and nuns have conducted numerous Buddhist retreats for young people. They will bring their fresh energy, compassion, and understanding to help youths and parents manage their anger more effectively and strengthen peace and love in the family.

– The program will include deep relaxation, walking meditation, group activities, and music.

– Lunch and snack will be provided

– Program will be conducted in English

– Please register with any contact below and provide parents’ names, emaill, and children’s names and ages:

– Nguyen Thuy Diep diephaonguyen@verizon.net 301-570-8998
– Duong Loc locduong@hotmail.com 703- 470-3463
– Tran Vivien sundaybuddhistyouth@gmail.com 703- 851-1401
– Ton That Hao haotton@hotmail.com 703-786- 4684
– Pham Son sonpham@gmail.com

The program is free but donations will be greatly appreciated.

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