Helping The Homeless 2!

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WHAT: Helping The Homeless 2!

WHEN: Saturday, October 27 2013

WHERE: Franklin Square, Washington, DC

Hi everyone,
We will visit them again at the end of this month to provide them hoodies, blankets, socks and gloves. We will try to feed them food if we have enough fund. So JOIN US – HELP THEM – MAKE DONATION ♥

Visit us at: www.

Again, please make your donation…We can’t run this event without your helps and supports.
1. Paypal:
2. TC’s number: 703-303-8381 for checks and clothes.

_With just $10 you can provide 5 HOODIES
_With just $3 you can provide 1 BLANKET
_With just $3.5 you can provide 10 pairs of SOCKS
_With just $4.7 you can provide 10 pairs of GLOVES

So by saving a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner… $10, $20, $50 or even $100…You will help these homeless stay warm through the winter. A LITTLE IS BETTER THAN NOTHING ♥


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