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Washington Server Job at Pho 14


Aug 6, 2014

Server Needed – Busy Season Is Here!

Job Description

Since the opening in 2009, Pho 14 has been stellar in its reputation as being one of D.C.’s best restaurants. Awards includes: Best Asian Restaurant 2012 & 2013, Best Vietnamese Restaurant 2013, Top New Restaurant 2009, Best Pho Restaurant 2010-2013. Pho 14 is the only restaurant in the D.C. to be ranked Top Ten in the Nation for Best Eats for the Buck (Forbes 2011). Pho 14 has recently expanded to two other locations. Pho 14 is a family-owned company with three locations in Columbia Heights, Adams Morgan, and Van Ness/Forest Hill.

“Ultimately we want to hire someone who will be happy working for our company. We are not going to paint a one-sided or set a false expectation for applicants, as this will lead to an unhappy employee the moment they walk in our door. We believe that work should have a purpose and that we can make work fun if we have the right people on board.” -Tim Hoang, Co-owner & Managing Partner

Pho 14 prefer a non-experienced server (looking to join a great team) over a seasoned waiters/waitress as long as they have the following three important traits:

Value Cultural Diversity

This position is catered to college students, so working while making honors is as important to us as making high-quality food. Therefore, flexibility is our main key in hiring and retaining our service employees. Also, poor college students never go home hungry working at Pho 14!

If you feel like Pho 14 is right for you, then please submit a photo with your resume, we do not do interviews by appointments. As a matter of fact, we do not conduct interviews at all! Success at Pho 14 solely depends on an applicant’s ability to work well with our current people.

Our mantra is “It’s all about family.”

Requirements & Skills

Value Cultural Diversity


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