Last Food for the Homeless Event of This Year by KetDoan Association

SOURCE: KetDoan Association


WHAT: Food For the Homeless- Sept. 24th

WHEN: Sunday, September 24th, 2017 from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM

WHERE: Franklin Square, 1300 I St NW, Washington, DC 21223

Please join us for our last Food for the Homeless event of this year on September 24th, 2017. The next one we would have this year would be the Winter Edition in December, where we pass out winter clothes, blankets, food, and care packages. This uplifting event provides food and drinks to the homeless community in the Washington D.C. area. The success of this event is largely due to the work of our wonderful volunteers and sponsors. For those who need community service hours, please bring your forms pre-filled and our staff will gladly sign it for you at the event.

Ket Doan Association is accepting the following items for our event. Donors may choose to donate the full amount or a portion of it:

Main Dishes:
– Fried Rice (Quantity needed: 4 large trays)——> Thanks to Ken Ta 4 Trays and Ban Duyen 2 Trays

– Pasta (Quantity needed: 4 large trays)——> Thanks to Loan Hanlon 2 large trays of Beefaroni pasta

– Sandwiches (ham and bread) (Quantity needed: 150)——–> Thanks to Anh Triet 150

– Salad (Quantity needed: 150 servings) ——-> Thanks to Eric and Liz 150 serving

– Boiled eggs (Quantity needed: 300) ——-> Thanks to Anna Nguyen 300

– Rotisserie chicken (Quantity needed: 30) ——> Thanks to Ban Duyen 30 chicken

– Lo Mein ——> Thanks to ban Duyen 2 Trays

– Macaroni and Cheese (Quantity needed: 4 Trays) ——> Thanks to MP Sammy 4 large Trays

– Spring Roll ——> Thanks to ban Duyen 150 Spring Rolls

– Banana (Quantity needed: 150) ——-> Thanks to Anna Nguyen 150

– Orange (Quantity needed: 150) ——–> Thanks to Anna Nguyen 150

– Apples (Quantity needed: 150) ———-> Thanks to Anna Nguyen 150

Snacks and Drink

– Chips (Quantity need 150)——> Thanks to Nhi 150, Thanks to Anna Nguyen 150

– Crackers (Quantity need 150)——> Thanks to Trang Huynh 150 and Thanks to anh Dong 150

– Oreo Cookies (Quantity need 150 for each) ——-> Thanks to Bao Ngoc 150

– Water (Quantity needed: 150 bottles) ———–> Thanks to Thien Phuoc 150 and Thanks to Han Le 150 bottles

– Orange Juice (Quantity needed: 150) ——–> Thanks to ban Duyen 150

– Donuts (Quantity needed: 150)———> Thanks to MP Sammy 150

– Granola Bar (Quantity needed: 150) ——–> Thanks to Eric and Liz 150

– Instant cup noodles (Quantity 150 cups) ——–> Thanks to Han Le 150 cups

– Gold Fish cracker (Quantity 150 ) ——–> Thanks to Eric and Liz 150

– Rice Krispies Treats (Quantity needed: 150) ——-> thanks to Hd Nguyen (150)

– Soda (Quantity needed: 150) ———> Thanks to MP Sammy 150

Canned Food:
– Canned of Chicken noodle soup (Quantity needed: 150)———-> Thanks to Huyen Linh 150 canned

– Canned of Sausage (Quantity needed: 150)———> Thanks to Ngoc Trang Huynh (Ban Duyen) 150

– Canned Beans: black, kidney, pinkā€¦ (quantity needed 150) ———> Thanks to Huyen Linh 150 canned

– Canned fruits and Vegetables (Quantity needed: 150)———> Thanks to Trang Le 100 fruit cups, thanks to Eric and Liz 50 fruit cups

– Canned Tuna (Quantity needed: 150)———> Thanks to Minh Dang 20 canned
Thanks to Quynh Mai- 130 cans

Event Day Schedule
9:30-10 am: Making lunch boxes and lunch bags
10:15 am: Start passing out items

If you would like to volunteer, donate food, or make contributions, please message us or make a post below. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. You can message us via our facebook page or contact the coordinator, Natasha Huynh

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