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Tidal Basin Welcome Area and ANA Performance Stage Performance Guidelines & Application for 2018 National Cherry Blossom Festival


Jan 12, 2018

SOURCE: National Cherry Blossom Festival

Thank you for your interest in performing at the National Cherry Blossom Festival’s ANA Performance Stage at the Tidal Basin Welcome Area. Please read the following guidelines and find the application linked below.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the cultural performances during the National Cherry Blossom Festival is to celebrate the friendship symbolized by the gift of flowering cherry trees from Tokyo to Washington, DC and to demonstrate cross-cultural exchange through a dynamic mix of American, Japanese, and other cultural performing arts.

LOCATION: Tidal Basin Welcome Area – National Cherry Blossom Festival and National Park Service. Limited performer parking along westbound Independence Avenue SW, west of 15th Street SW.

HOURS: Performances will be held daily from 12 Noon – 6 PM, from March 24th through April 8th, 2018 rain or shine. (All dates and hours subject to change.)

PERFORMANCE GUIDELINES: Artists are encouraged to perform family-friendly dances, demonstrations or music that are upbeat and festive – reflective of the celebratory nature of the festival. Performances/demonstrations should be no less than 30 minutes in length and no longer than 60 minutes. Performance time allotted to each group will depend on schedule/stage availability, diversity of programming, and appropriateness of act.

PERFORMANCE APPROPRIATENESS: The Festival is subject to strict National Park Service regulations and guidelines regarding the type of performance, type of instruments and volume levels that are permissible on park property. Merchandise of any kind, including CDs, may not be sold. Cultural, non-commercial performances are encouraged.

Encouraged performances are those that:

incorporate live music
offer a cultural or traditional performance
are enhanced by cultural or traditional costuming
present a performance offering that is upbeat and enjoyed by many demographics
solicit crowd interaction
COMPENSATION: Performances are on a voluntary basis; no compensation is available. Monetary tips cannot be received.

LOAD-IN AND LOAD-OUT: Set-up will take place immediately prior to the performance, and load-out immediately following. Load-in/out assistance will be provided with volunteer assistance. Vehicles are not permitted in the stage area – the Loading Zone is approximately 300 yards from the stage; all gear will have to be transported by hand and/or handcarts..

PARKING: Parking is extremely limited. A parking pass (one vehicle per performer/group) may be available. The Festival cannot guarantee parking for any artist.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Each performance group must bring its’ own instruments, props, etc. A sound system with technician will be provided. See “Venue Details” on the following page for more information.

BACKLINE: A drum kit will be provided

SIGNAGE: Banners or signs must be self-standing and be displayed for the duration of the performance only.

NEEDS: Special equipment and labor needs must be indicated on the application. Every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate these needs. If your group requires special mats or ground covering (for dance/martial arts, etc.) you must provide them.

PUBLICITY: The Festival will take measures to publicize your performance, including but not limited to, on the Festival Website (www.nationalcherryblossomfestival.org), the Official Festival Guide, and day of signage.

RAIN OR SHINE: Tidal Basin Welcome Area performances will take place rain or shine. This is an outdoor stage. In the event of inclement weather, performances may be stopped for safety reasons at the discretion of the stage manager, sound technician, electrician, or the National Park Service. Performances will begin again according to the performance schedule; schedules may be adjusted to accommodate all performers.



24‘deep x 16’ wide x 3’ high
With roof and side railings.
Stairs at the sides of the stage on one side
Hard Surface
There is minimal space in front of the stage for performance – unless selected as a roving performance
SOUND: Exact specifications subject to change, but will remain substantially similar to:

Sound amplification to fill the audience viewing area of the Welcome Area for approximately 400 people.
Gear to consist of the following or similar to:
– Speakers: 4 tops, 2 subs

– 4 Monitors

– 1 Amp Rack

– 1 24-Channel Mixer

– 1 effects rack

– Assorted Wired Mics

– All Cables and connectors

– MP3 player connection

– Tech on duty during event

DRESSING ROOMS /STORAGE OF EQUIPMENT: A 10’x20’ tent will be made available for changing. It will be shared amongst daily performers. While performing, the dressing tent is at your disposal for storage of music cases or props not in use. There is no security dedicated to the dressing rooms. Festival staff or sound engineering staff is not responsible for belongings left behind.

APPLICATION REVIEW: Applications received by January 15, 2018 will receive first consideration. Applications received after January 15, 2018 will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The Performing Arts Selection Committee will notify all groups with its decision regarding acceptance or regret no later than February 28, 2018. The decision of the committee is final. Additional specific information will be sent to accepted groups.

ACCEPTANCE: Groups will be selected based upon content, availability, and how the performance will contribute to the overall program.

PERFORMANCE AGREEMENT DETAILS: Upon acceptance of an offer to perform on the Stage, National Cherry Blossom Festival will provide you with a Performance Agreement for you to review and sign. We have some terms that are unique to the Festival. Here’s a quick summary of what you will find in our Agreement.

An introduction that includes references to our intellectual properties and the date and place that we want you to perform.
Your obligations to us, including:
Giving us photos and biographical information
Promising that your performance does not infringe anyone’s intellectual property or publicity rights.
Allowing us to use your name, photos and logos, and photographs and recordings of your performance for our archival and promotional purposes.
Assuming liability for your property and personnel unless we are grossly negligent.
Our obligations to you, including
Providing you with a producer, mike and sound system
Promoting your performance
Each party’s promise to protect the other party from third party claims that may arise from things that are in the promising party’s control.
Ways that either party may terminate the contract, including because of actions reflecting poorly on either party’s reputation, cancellations due to safety concerns or our cancellation at least 30 days before the performance.
Choice of law and venue in the District of Columbia because we are based, and the Festival takes place, here.
Restriction on your ability to assign, as we are entering into this agreement because you are you.
A general confidentiality restriction with respect to the Agreement
A “pause button,” temporarily releasing a party from liability if something out of either party’s control occurs, but requiring that party, if possible, to resume action when that event ends.
If you have any questions, please contact the Tidal Basin Production Manager.

Performer application available here. By clicking this link and submitting an application, I acknowledge and accept the performance guidelines detailed on this page.

Tidal Basin Welcome Area and ANA Performance Stage Performance Guidelines & Application