SERVIZ Ranks Washington, D.C in Bottom 10 Least Safe Cities in U.S.


New Study Announces Safest and Least Safe Cities in U.S.

A newly released Home Safety Rankings (HSR) Index of over 100 cities by SERVIZ shines a spotlight on the safest—and unsafest—cities in the United States, and Potomac, Maryland topped the list (while nearby Washington, D.C. finished near the bottom)


Homeowners in Potomac, Maryland may very well be the safest in the United States, according to a new National Home Safety Rankings (HSR) Index ( released by local home services leader SERVIZ ( The list, a comprehensive analysis of data from homeowners across America, includes over 100 United States cities, ranked according to highly specific home safety and crime statistics, with cities in the Southern California, Denver, and Dallas metro areas appearing in the top 10 safest, and with multiple cities in the Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver and other metro areas falling in the bottom 10 as the least safe.

The top 10 safest cities for homeowners according to the Home Safety Rankings Index included, in order: Potomac (Maryland), Keller (Texas), Aliso Viejo (California), Wylie (Texas), Laguna Niguel (California), Allen (Texas), Parker (Colorado), Poway (California), Mission Viejo (California), and Coppell (Texas). All of the top 10 safest cities received safety rankings from 83 (Potomac) to 59 (Coppell), with a 100 rating as safest.

The 10 least safest cities in the United States according to the SERVIZ HSR included Phoenix (Arizona), Austin (Texas), Denver (Colorado), Englewood (also in the Denver area), Santa Monica (California), West Hollywood (California), Houston (Texas), Tempe (Arizona), Glendale (Arizona), and Washington, D.C. The safety rankings for the bottom 10 cities were a significant contrast to those at the top of the list, ranging from 10 for Phoenix, to a scant safety ranking of 3 for Washington, D.C. (again, out of a possible 100, with 100 as safest).

“In ranking the safest cities across the United States, we wanted to provide a wake-up call to homeowners to be mindful of their area’s statistics, and to then do what they can to protect themselves from criminals, hazards and other environmental dangers to home safety,” comments Zorik Gordon, Chief Executive Officer at SERVIZ. “And last but not least, it’s also a vital and timely reminder to be careful who you invite into your home. As many as 25 to 35% or more of the home service professionals we checked as part of our recruiting process, failed basic background checks in major cities across the U.S.”

To create its Home Safety Rankings Index, SERVIZ sent out a detailed survey to 65,000 of its customers nationwide on their home safety concerns regarding their habits from fire, air, flood and earthquake safety, to crime prevention. SERVIZ then integrated key U.S. Census data into those responses, combining the data to determine SERVIZ’s own proprietary safety grades for individual cities in over 100 major metropolitan areas across the United States.

“The HSR Index is an important resource that emphasizes the need for home safety,” comments DeeDee Dalton, Managing Director at the National Crime Prevention Council. “It’s great to see SERVIZ stepping up to try to keep people safe. With the HSR, they’re doing their part as responsible corporate citizens who care about the safety of U.S. homeowners and their communities.”

A Tale of Two Cities (Highs and Lows in Adjacent Metro Areas):

The most interesting aspect of the study? Some of the most and least safe cities actually fall within the same metro areas and are geographically near to one another, as with the #1 safest city (Potomac) and the lowest-ranked city on the list (Washington, D.C.), which are separated by only 30 miles. This was also the case with Top 10 city Parker, Colorado (in the Denver metro area), which contrasted with Bottom 10 cities Denver and Englewood, Colorado, both in the same metro area.

The rankings also spotlight the hidden dangers of engaging home service pros through such common methods as search engines and directory listings, as these methods don’t take background checks or criminal records into account. For instance, in addition to city rankings and vital statistics, SERVIZ also found criminal background flags or approval failures in several of its metro locations nationwide, rejecting 35.6% of Philadelphia/Southern NJ contractors, as well as 37.9% of local area handymen there. In Bottom 10 cities, 35.2% of Austin plumbers failed SERVIZ’s criminal background checks, as did 25.4% of Houston electrical contractors, along with 30.4% of Washington D.C.-area carpet cleaners. In short, based on its 6-plus years of industry experience, SERVIZ has FAILED as many as 1 in 3 home contractors as a result of their criminal background checks.

The Top 10 Cities according to the SERVIZ Home Safety Rankings Index, including city, state, metro area, safety ranking (out of a possible 100), and letter grade score:

1. Potomac, MD. (DC Metro Area), 83, A+
2. Keller, TX. (Dallas Metro Area), 80, A+
3. Aliso Viejo, CA. (Orange County), 79, A+
4. Wylie, TX. (Dallas Metro Area), 76, A+
5. Laguna Niguel, CA. (Orange County), 65, A+
6. Allen, TX. (Dallas Metro Area), 64, A+
7. Parker, CO. (Denver Metro Area), 64, A+
8. Poway, CA. (San Diego Metro Area), 64, A+
9. Mission Viejo, CA. (Orange County Metro Area), 61, A-
10. Coppell, TX. (Dallas Metro Area), 59, A+

The Bottom 10 Cities according to the SERVIZ Home Safety Rankings Index, including city, state, metro area, safety ranking (out of a possible 100), and letter grade score:

1. Phoenix, AZ. (Phoenix Metro Area), 10, C
2. Austin, TX. (Austin Metro Area), 9, C
3. Denver, CO. (Denver Metro Area), 9, C
4. Englewood, CO. (Denver Metro Area), 8, C
5. Santa Monica, CA. (Los Angeles Metro Area), 7, C
6. West Hollywood, CA. (Los Angeles Metro Area), 7, C
7. Houston, TX. (Houston Metro Area), 5, F
8. Tempe, AZ. (Phoenix Metro Area), 5, F
9. Glendale, AZ. (Phoenix Metro Area), 4, F
10. Washington, D.C. (D.C. Metro Area), 3, F

The HSR also includes useful home safety advice, insights and links, from the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), which has contributed tips to emphasize steps homeowners can take for increased safety against criminals in their homes.

About The National Crime Prevention Council:

The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) is the nation’s nonprofit leader in crime prevention. Since 1980, its recognizable icon McGruff the Crime Dog® has delivered easy to use crime prevention tips that empower citizens individually and collectively to keep themselves, their families, and their communities safe from crime. With a vast network of local and state law enforcement agencies, local community groups, foundations, and corporate partners, NCPC makes an impact on personal safety and crime every day. For more information on how to “Take A Bite Out of Crime®,” visit You can also like the organization on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and find them on YouTube.


SERVIZ ( is an on-demand local services company that offers a safer, faster, easier, and more transparent way to book and buy home services online. SERVIZ aims to disrupt the $400 Billion home services industry by utilizing its proprietary on-demand technology platform and its network of service professionals to help consumers locate the home service professionals they need when they need them. From handyman work to plumbing, carpet cleaning and appliance repair, SERVIZ provides highly rated, background-checked and licensed professionals at the click of a button, all backed by the SERVIZ Consumer Protection Plan. Headquartered in Sherman Oaks, California, the company has raised over $29M in funding from Groupon Inc., PointGuard Ventures, ENGIE, and additional investors.

To learn more about SERVIZ, please visit Download the free SERVIZ App on Google Play or iTunes for immediate use as well.

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