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MGM National Harbor Welcomes Year of the Dog 2018 With Lion Dance and Vibrant Conservatory Display


Feb 20, 2018

SOURCE: Extract press release from MGM National Harbor

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Celebrate the Year of the Dog at The Conservatory @MGMNationalHarbor w/ stunning floral display
NATIONAL HARBOR, Md., (February 1, 2018) – MGM National Harbor pays homage to the Year of the Dog with The Conservatory’s new Lunar New Year display and a host of culinary and cultural experiences.

Imperial Lion Dance Team performs during Sunday, February 18, 2016 at 6 p.m. to kick off the Lunar New Year celebration.

Interviewing Hung Nguyen, General Manager of the Imperial Lion Dance Team

Imperial Lion Dance Team performs at MGM National Harbor Casino Valet

Imperial Lion Dance Team Performs at MGM National Harbor District

Guests can enjoy dining specials at Ginger, the resort’s Pan-Asian restaurant offering authentic cuisine, through Thursday, March 15. Specials include Steamed Live Bass, Golden Crab, Glutinous Rice Cake and Red Bean Soup with Rice Dumpling.

The Conservatory

The Conservatory display, entitled “Modern Asian Glamour,” was created by renowned event designer Ed Libby and is brought to life with more than 16,000 fresh flowers throughout three distinct beds. Upon entering The Conservatory, visitors are welcomed by a royal, 30-foot-tall money tree covered in reflective red and gold bark. The traditional tree, symbolizing wealth and prosperity, is crowned with stunning gold coin leaves.

Nestled at its side, a tangerine tree encircled by silk marigolds in hues of gold and orange signifies riches emerging from the earth. Beneath the trees sit three floral Chinese pugs, frolicking on top of a mountain of botanical greenery.

Inspired by the traditional elements of Chinese gardens, the second bed features a 10-foot-tall Chinese Shar-Pei comprised of an assortment of rice, seeds and lentils, is perched beneath an oversized moon gate adorned with the “Fuk” and “Choi” symbols in metallic crimson. The majestic dog rests atop a floral mountain of golden coins representing the luck and good fortune brought to all who come to admire the display. A pond, surrounded by variegated ivies and Japanese junipers, signifies the flowing current of wealth, abundance and good fortune for the coming year.

The third bed features large Lunar New Year good luck envelopes that contour into an elegant foot bridge. Flowing beneath the bridge is a glistening pond complete with a vibrant silk rose Koi Fish, embodying the values of strength, courage and bravery.

Eight oversized Chinese lanterns, in rich red, orange and gold shades, hang from the 85-foot glass-topped atrium alongside gold coin medallions. Completing the immersive experience are theatrical lighting effects illuminating the three beds while traditional Chinese music plays throughout the day and night.

The Conservatory at MGM National Harbor is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is complimentary to the public. The Lunar New Year display is open now through March.