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Second Food for the Homeless in 2018 on March 18 by KetDoan Association


Mar 17, 2018

SOURCE: KetDoan Association

Happy Saturday everyone!

With the cherry blossoms peak bloom pushed back until early April, instead of this weekend, we should not encounter any traffic or parking difficulties in D.C. (yay!)

A few people have reached out to us regarding community service forms and whether or not we provide any. We do not provide community service forms since most schools or organizations will provide forms with the format that they prefer. Please bring the forms pre-filled with the person’s name and event details, and our staff will gladly sign the form for you at the end of the event. Our organization’s information can be found on our website at, ketdoan.org

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us or our coordinator, Natasha Huynh, with any questions you may have.

See everyone tomorrow morning!!

WHAT: Food for the Homeless- March 18th

WHEN: Sunday, March 18th, 2018 from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM

WHERE: Franklin Square, 1300 I St NW, Washington, DC 21223

Please join us for our first Food for the Homeless event of 2018, after the Winter Edition we had in January! Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout the year in 2017 and we hope you can continue to support our mission as we start 2018 off on a good note. We hope to see familiar and new faces on March 18th as we start the new year with our first Food for the Homeless event!

For those who need community service hours, please bring your forms pre-filled and our staff will gladly sign it for you at the event. Our information can be found on our website, www.ketdoan.org.

Ket Doan Association is accepting the following items for our event. Donors may choose to donate the full amount or a portion of it:

Main Dishes:
– Fried Rice (Quantity needed: 4 large trays)–>
Thanks to Chi Hien (4 trays)

– Pasta (Quantity needed: 4 large trays)– Thanks to Eric/Elizabeth and Ricky Saleekul

– Sandwiches (ham and bread) (Quantity needed: 150) –> Thanks to Anh Hai 150

– Salad (Quantity needed: 150 servings) –>
Thanks to Eric and Elizabeth 150 serving

– Boiled eggs (Quantity needed: 300) –>
Thanks to Eric and Elizabeth (300 eggs)

– Rotisserie chicken (Quantity needed: 30)–>
Thanks to Nhung/Kayla, Cam Linh, and Anna Phan

– Lo Mein (Quantity needed: 150 servings)–>
Thanks to H.D. Nguyen (4 trays)

– Macaroni and Cheese (Quantity needed: 4 Trays)
– Spring Roll (Quantity needed: 150 servings)

– Banana (Quantity needed: 150)– Thanks to Truc Que (150)
– Orange (Quantity needed: 150) — Thanks to Thang&Kim (150)
– Apples (Quantity needed: 150)– Thanks to Truc Que (150)

Snacks and Drink

– Chips (Quantity need 150) ->
Thanks to Nancy 150, Thanks to Thuy 150

– Crackers (Quantity need 150) –>
Thanks to Anh Dong (150)

– Oreo Cookies (Quantity need 150 for each) —>
Thanks to Mai Phuong (150)

– Water (Quantity needed: 150 bottles) ->
Thanks to Nhat , Eric and Liz, Uyen Luu

– Orange Juice (Quantity needed: 150) ->
Thanks to Eric and Elizabeth 150

– Donuts (Quantity needed: 150)–>
Thanks to Bao Ngoc (150)

– Granola Bar (Quantity needed: 150) –>
Thanks to Lan Le 150

– Instant cup noodles (Quantity 150 cups) –>
Thanks to Eric and Elizabeth 150, Thanks to My Dung 150

– Rice Krispies Treats (Quantity needed: 150) –>
Thanks to Thuy Uyen 150

– Soda (Quantity needed: 150)–>
Thanks to My Linh (150)

Canned Food:

– Canned of Sausage (Quantity needed: 150) –>
Thanks to Huyen Linh 150

– Canned Chicken noodle soup (Quantity needed: 150) —> Thanks to Huyen Linh 150

– Canned Beans: black, kidney, pink… (quantity needed 150)–> Thanks to Huyen Linh 150

Event Day Schedule
9:30-10 am: Making lunch boxes and lunch bags
10:15 am: Start passing out items

If you would like to volunteer, donate food, or make contributions, please message us or make a post below. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. You can message us via our facebook page or contact the coordinator,
Natasha Huynh