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Washington, D.C., Bar Uses Singing Bowls to Stir Cocktails with Sound Waves


Apr 18, 2018

SOURCE: prweb.com

Silent Mind, Amazon’s #1 retailer of singing bowls, responds

(PRWEB) APRIL 18, 2018

It was recently reported that the Columbia Room, a bar in Washington, D.C., has become the first ever to use singing bowls to mix cocktails. Specifically, the bar takes advantage of the phenomenon in physics called “cymatics” which is when sound and vibration create visible, oscillating patterns in a loose medium such as liquid or sand. Of course, like most things in Washington, D.C., that claim is a bit spurious. The use of singing bowls as well as tuning forks for mixing drinks was pioneered at the Keefer Bar in Vancouver, British Columbia, as chronicled by the Globe and Mail in 2014.

There’s also the Thief Hotel bar in Oslo, Norway, which for years has been serving a drink called “Seven Years in Tibet” (Lagavulin 8yo, Frangelico, White Cacao, Lemon, Tibetan Tea), though in this case the singing bowl is used more as a fancy ice bucket than drinking vessel.
So what’s the best singing bowl to use for tuning up tonight’s martini? We asked Richard Pol, founder of Silent Mind, the #1 retailer of Singing Bowls on Amazon.

“Are you serious? What will they think of next, eh?” Richard Pol, founder of Silent Mind, said with a laugh. “Well, I can tell you that if a bartender – not to mention anyone seeking meditation and relaxation – is looking for high quality, balance and clarity of sound, that Silent Mind’s bowls are an excellent choice.”

Silent Mind’s bowls are all made by a Nepalese manufacturer just outside of the country’s capital, Kathmandu, chosen for their quality and clarity of sound. The company takes the concept of “fair trade” seriously, meaning they always fairly negotiate a pricing agreement and strive to have a conscious, positive impact on the local economy.

Booze aside, singing bowls have been used for thousands of years to produce sounds that embed a deep state of relaxation. Their benefits have become more widespread and popular, so that now singing bowls are used worldwide for meditation, music, relaxation, and personal well-being. They are especially loved by yoga practitioners and anyone wishing to encourage a safe place of calm and tranquility, helping not only individuals.