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2018 Turkish Festival in Washington DC


Sep 30, 2018

SOURCE: Washington DC Turkish Festival

WHAT: 2018 Turkish Festival in Washington, DC

WHEN: Sunday, September 30, 2018 from 11 AM to 7 PM

WHERE: 1400 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004

16th Annual DC Turkish Festival, themed “Colors of Anatolia”, will offer a full day of FREE activities that range from lively folk dancing and musical performances to arts and crafts activities for children and adults.

Visitors will enjoy other much-loved aspects of Turkey such as its delicious cuisine, traditional coffee fortune reading, and a bustling Bazaar. The Festival brings together a wide range of artists and more than 25,000 Washingtonians in an environment that fosters intellectual curiosity and leads to fun and engaging interactions.

In collaboration with the Textile Museum’s “A Nomad’s Art: Kilims of Anatolia” exhibit, this year’s festival will feature Turkey’s woven history through her kilims.

Annual Turkish Festival is an award-winning event organized by the American Turkish Association of Washington, DC (ATA-DC). In April 2016, the readers of the Washington City Paper voted the Turkish Festival as the “Best Cultural Festival” and “Best Festival of DC”.

For more information will be available at www.turkishfestival.org

Turkish Festival is the closing event of the 7th Annual Turkish Heritage Month in September, in Washington, DC.

2018 DC Turkish Festival is granted by DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.

2018 Turkish Festival Stage Program
(Subject to Change)
Stage Program Sponsor:
Yalcin Group Enterprises
Springfield Marble & Granite, Potomac Steel, Same Day Cabinets, Ecowood USA Cabinetry, Yalcin Investment
Emcees: Ms. Demet Cabbar, Ms. Ebony Nicole Kelly, Ms. Özge Övun Sert
Sound Technicians: Klassic Sound and DJ Turk
Backstage Coordinator: Sevtap Schreffler
11:15 Warm-up Music by DJ Turk
11:30 A la Turka Music by Group Rosslyn
11:50 Turkish Folk Dance Performances
Ankara Seymen by Hacettepe University Children and Youth Folklore Group (Hacettepe)
Blacksea Horon by Turkish Women’s League of America Ataturk School Folk Dance Group
Aegean Bravery Dance by Gokalp Necioglu and the Necioglu Boys
Turkish Potpourri by Kardelen Turkish Dance Ensemble (Kardelen)
Line Dance from Gaziantep Region by Hacettepe
Aegean Girls Dance by Turkish Women’s League of America Ataturk School Folk Dance Group
Halay Dance with Audience and Turkish Music by DJ Turk
12:45 Rhythm Show – Beyond Boundaries:
Afro/Brazilian/Turkish Percussion Show by Batala & Hacettepe
Rhythm Show and Blacksea Horon by Hacettepe
13:15 Ladino Songs of the Jewish People of Turkey by Trio Sefardi
14:00 Turkish, Azeri and Central Asian Dances
Kochecke Women’s Dances by Hacettepe and Kardelen
Lazgi, Darya Tashkin (Uzbek), and Gulyarcan (Uyghur) by the Silk Road Dance Company
Potpourri (Central Anatolia, BlackSea, Aegean Zeybek) by Hacettepe and Kardelen
14:50 Acknowledgements by the Festival Organizers – ATA-DC & Turkish Festival Committee
Recognition of Festival Sponsors and Volunteers
Acknowledgement of Young Cultural Ambassadors
15:00 Dance 4 Peace Initiative by ATA-DC, All Dance Groups, and Audience
15:10 A la Turca Music by Group Rosslyn
15:30 Connecting Cultures: From Central Asia to South America
Hayrona – Uyghur Dance by Nomad Dancers
Topkapi Nights by Raqs Habibi Teen World Dance Company
Uzbek Dance from Central Asia by Nomads
Salsa Dance by Catherine Ayla and JJ
Latin Dance by Zafire Ladies in DC directed by Bebé
16:00 Turkish Groove by Group Turkoise
17:00 Turkish Romani Gypsy Dance by Hacettepe (on the floor)
17:15 Turkish Gypsy Funk by NY Gypsy All Stars
18:15 Turkish Folk Dance Performances
Turkish Romani Gypsy by Hacettepe (on stage)
Turkish Belly Dances by Carolina Hernandez
Davul Show and Blacksea Horon by Hacettepe
Dance with DJ Turk
19:00 End of the Festival