Around the World Embassy Open House – Visit Embassies for FREE!

SOURCE: ashington DC History & Culture

WHAT: Around the World Embassy Open House – Visit Embassies for FREE!

WHEN: Saturday, May 4, 2019 from 9 AM to 5 PM

WHERE: Dupont Circle Station, 1525 20th St. NW, Washington, DC 20036

Around the World Embassy Open House – Visit Embassies for FREE!
Meet People + See Places + Learn Things + Have Fun!
One of our favorite events of the year – the Around the World Embassy Open House!
More than 50 embassies will open their doors to DC visitors and residents on Saturday, May 4. Participants can travel around the world as they experience the food, art, dance, fashion, and music of different countries – and meet lots of interesting people!
Tickets: No tickets are required – just show up. This event is open to the public and all are welcome including individuals, couples, groups and children. You are invited to RSVP with us, Washington, DC History & Culture, to receive event and weather updates, tips and suggestions, etc. through email and/or social media.
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List of Participating Embassies & Event Details from Cultural Tourism DC:
Washington, DC History & Culture: You are welcome to visit the embassies on your own, or with members of our non-profit community organization – Washington, DC History & Culture. The advantage of coming with us is that we’ve participated in this event for the past several years and can guide you through the crowds to visit the best locations with minimal wait times. Our group often receives special perks not offered to the general public. We’ll also bring markers and stickers for people in our group to write their first name so that you can meet lots of friendly people, determine who is in our group, etc. as opposed to just attending by yourself.
Weather: This event is partially indoors and will take place rain (which will reduce the crowds) or shine.
Parking: Metro, ride share (Lyft/Uber/etc.), biking, kayak, etc. to the embassies is advised. If you must drive and park know that options will be limited – just get a spot wherever you can in between your starting and ending point.
Crowds: This is a popular event like the Cherry Blossom Festival. Don’t like lines or large groups of people? Please stay home rather than attend and complain about the crowds!
Our Schedule: Guests are free to come along with us in a “buffet-style” event, visiting the embassies we select, or you can venture off on your own since there are over 50 sites open. Participants are also free to arrive and depart whenever they like.
Meet Us at Any of These Places:
Morning Session: Dupont Circle / Embassy Row / Massachusetts Avenue Embassies
8:20-8:40 – Krispy Kreme Donuts (1350 Connecticut Ave NW) for breakfast/coffee.
8:45-9:00 – Dupont Circle North Metro Station (Connecticut Ave/20th St/Q St. NW) meet and greet.
We’ll most likely split up into two or more groups. One group will head towards the Embassies of Argentina (1600 New Hampshire Ave NW), Botswana (1531 New Hampshire Ave NW) and Iraq (1801 P St NW) and you can choose any of these to start out at. A second group will head towards the Embassy of Australia (1601 Massachusetts Ave) with Peru, the Philippines and Trinidad and Tobago all close by.
9:00 – 10:00 – In line at the embassy of your choice (Argentina, Botswana, Iraq, Australia, etc.) and socialize before the doors open at 10:00.
10:00-TBD – Embassy visits.
Afternoon Session: Van Ness/University of DC Metro / International Drive Embassies
1:50 – 2:00 – Van Ness/UDC Metro (4200 Connecticut Ave NW) meet and greet
We’ll most like split up into two or more groups since there are several different embassies in this area to choose from including: Bahrain (3502 International Dr NW), Bangladesh (3510 International Dr NW), China (3505 International Pl NW), Ethiopia (3506 International Dr NW), Ghana (3512 International Dr NW) Pakistan (3517 International Ct NW) and several countries with exhibits on the lobby level of the University of the District of Columbia Student Center (4200 Connecticut Avenue NW).
2:00 – 4:00 – Embassy visits
Also ……
Friday Night Embassy Row / Massachusetts Avenue Walk = May 3 and the European Union Embassy Open House = May 11. Details on our Washington, DC even calendars – links below
Additional Questions: Anything that can’t be answered by the above event description, Google, or common sense please let us know.
This program is hosted by our friends at Cultural Tourism DC, and is being promoted by the non-profit community organization Washington, DC History & Culture:
“bringing people together to experience the history and culture of Washington, DC.”
We look forward to seeing you – thanks!
Robert Kelleman
202-821-6325 (text only)

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