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The Redskins leads the league about 11k seats available for game with ticket of Redskins at Bills for $30


Aug 13, 2019

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Best Ticket Prices for Every 2019 NFL Game

What are the best deals on NFL tickets? TicketCity combed through all 256 NFL games to find the best deals on tickets, and there are a lot of them. We looked at over 1.3 million seats for games this Fall. The cheapest priced seat we found was $25 and you can attend a home game for $60 or less, per ticket, for 19 different teams in the NFL.


The wide selection of tickets offered at TicketCity, means that you can pick the tickets that are right for you. The price we list is for a “get in” seat as of August 6th (date we collected all pricing data). The ticket price includes all fees (minus shipping). We did not include any Standing Room Only (SRO) seats as part of this analysis; so everything listed here is a ticket with a section, row and seat.

What is the best ticket price for each NFL team in 2019?

$33 = Arizona Cardinals vs Panthers on Sept 22
$58 = Atlanta Falcons vs Bucs on Nov 24
$35 = Baltimore Ravens vs Texans on Nov 17
$25 = Buffalo Bills vs Jets on Dec 29
$47 = Carolina Panthers vs Bucs on Sept 12
$142 = Chicago Bears vs Giants on Nov 24
$35 = Cincinnati Bengals vs Jags on Sept 19
$74 = Cleveland Browns vs Bengals on Dec 8
$97 = Dallas Cowboys vs Redskins on Dec 29
$69 = Denver Broncos vs Lions on Dec 22
$52 = Detroit Lions vs Chargers on Sept 15
$125 = Green Bay Packers vs Lions on Oct 14
$58 = Houston Texans vs Colts on Nov 21
$42 = Indianapolis Colts vs Jags on Nov 17
$36 = Jacksonville Jaguars vs Chargers on Dec 8
$64 = Kansas City Chiefs vs Chargers on Dec 29
$82 = Los Angeles Chargers vs Texans on Sept 22
$29 = Los Angeles Rams vs Bucs on Sept 29
$46 = Miami Dolphins vs Bengals on Dec 22
$88 = Minnesota Vikings vs Redskins on Oct 24
$173 = New England Patriots vs Bills on Dec 22
$90 = New Orleans Saints vs Bucs on Oct 6
$55 = New York Giants vs Dolphins on Dec 15
$40 = New York Jets vs Dolphins on Dec 8
$52 = Oakland Raiders vs Bengals on Nov 17
$142 = Philadelphia Eagles vs Giants on Dec 9
$83 = Pittsburgh Steelers vs Bills on Dec 15
$49 = San Francisco 49ers vs Cardinals on Nov 17
$127 = Seattle Seahawks vs Cardinals on Dec 22
$59 = Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Colts on Dec 8
$30 = Tennessee Titans vs Jags on Nov 24
$41 = Washington Redskins vs Lions on Nov 24

*Price is the lowest ticket price on Aug 6, 2019 at 5pm CST. Prices are subject to change. The price listed is per ticket & includes fees (minus shipping).

What is the least expensive NFL ticket this season?

$25 is currently the least expensive ticket that is available for sale on a 2019 NFL regular season game. For that price, you can seat in Section 339 (or something similar) at New Era Stadium on December 29th in Buffalo to watch the Bills play the New York Jets.

What is the most expensive NFL game in 2019?

Right now the most expensive game of the 2019 NFL season is the Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots on September 8th, which currently costs almost $540 to attend for a “get in” seat to that game. The Pats home opener is always hugely popular, the Steelers are always a big ticket when they play at Foxboro, but the Super Bowl championship celebration is pushing demand on this one even higher. Maybe fans in New England know something we don’t about Tom Brady’s time left in the NFL, because they are certainly showing up in droves to see him this year.

Which NFL team has the least expensive tickets in 2019?

The Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars both can lay claim to having the least expensive tickets in the NFL this season. The Bills have an average home game “get in” ticket price of $51, and have 3 out of the top 4 least expensive home games of the season: Jets at Bills ($25), Ravens at Bills ($27) and Redskins at Bills ($30). The Jags have the lowest average home ticket “get in” price of all NFL teams at $50, which does not include their “home” game in London. Either team is a great value for fans in Buffalo or Jacksonville. The Arizona Cardinals and Indianapolis Colts rank right behind the Bills and Jags, with an identical $52 average “get in” ticket price for their home games in 2019.

What NFL team has highest priced tickets?

The New England Patriots have the highest average home game “get in” ticket price in 2019, with a per game average of $340. The Pats have 3 home games which rank in the top 4 most expensive games to attend in 2019: Steelers at Pats ($540), Cowboys at Pats ($460) and Browns at Pats ($410). After New England, the teams with the next highest priced tickets are the Chicago Bears (avg. $220 home game “get in” ticket price), Philadelphia Eagles ($191) and Green Bay Packers ($184).

What is the price of a 2019 NFL ticket?

$112 is the average “get in” ticket price across all 32 NFL teams. That is the average price of the lowest priced ticket for each 2019 game.

Which NFL ticket prices are likely to drop?

TicketCity is a secondary ticket marketplace, which means that we offer tickets for sale at market price not “face value”. The seller of the ticket sets their price based on the demand in the market for a game. Market price are impacted by many factors including injuries, weather and performance on the field, so we would be guessing to say which ticket prices rise or fall. That said, we can analyze where their is abundant supply on the market – which may be a harbinger of where prices go. The teams with the most seats available to purchase on the secondary market are the Redskins, Cowboys, Rams and Vikings. The Redskins have, on average, almost 11k seats available for game – which leads the league.

Which NFL team has the most demand for road games?

The Cowboys, Packers and Steelers are the top 3 teams in-terms of highest average ticket price for their games at visiting stadiums. That is driven by demand across the country to see those teams, but also by those teams having fans who will travel to road games. You will be sure to see plenty of Packers and Steelers fans when they play in San Francisco this season. The most popular NFL city for road games is New Orleans.

Which teams have the softest road attendance?

The Cardinals ($63), Buccaneers ($64) and Jaguars ($66) have the three lowest average road game “get in” ticket prices in the league for 2019. If you see one of them on your home schedule, then know it’s a great opportunity to take the family to the game for a reasonable price.

What is best week to attend an NFL game?

Week 1 is the most expensive average “get in” ticket price at $160 per. There is strong lineup of games and that is the first week people purchase tickets for, which drives prices higher. The least expensive weeks to see an NFL game in 2019 are Week 17 (around Christmas) and Week 11.


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