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WASHINGTON, Aug. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The nations’ capital is overflowing with tons of must-see tourist attractions. From breathtaking botanical gardens to historic museums that will educate and entertain you for hours. With over thirty years’ of experience providing unique and reliable transportation to clients in the DC area, Washington DC ground transportation company, Connect, shares a Washington DC museum guide to help you begin mapping out your next adventure.

National Air and Space Museum. The National Air and Space museum of aviation and space exploration is home to 60,000 artifacts and is extremely popular for locals and tourists alike. Interactive exhibits, Imax movies, and thousands of objects on display including a lunar rock you can touch makes this a great place to spend the day with the family. In addition to the museum exhibits, there is also a planetarium and public observatory that allows you to view and enjoy the wonders of the Universe.

United States Botanic Garden. The United States Botanic Garden (USBG) is a beautiful, living museum that allows visitors to enjoy the magnificent and almost irreplaceable value of plants. Escape the hustle and bustle of the busy streets and immerse yourself in the enchanting indoor and outdoor gardens. From roses to orchids, you can experience rare and endangered plants and environments any time of the year.

National Gallery Of Art. This enriching exhibit is sure to enhance your DC expedition. The National Gallery Of Art takes over two separate buildings in its entirety, giving it the ability to offer two distinctly different styles of art, both classical and modern. For the average art lover, this gallery aims to excite. Their collection displays the work of Calder, da Vinci and highlights a jaw-dropping six-acre sculpture garden. And the best part, admission is always free.

National Museum Of Natural History. The National Museum Of Natural History has been the most visited museum in the entire world. If the museum’s popularity itself doesn’t persuade you to visit, we’ll tell you what will. Journey back millions of years and visit dinosaur fossil exhibits, witness the evolution of life straight from the oceans, learn about the ancient Egyptians by viewing mummies, and much more. The National Museum Of Natural History fascinates guests with a fantastic educational and interactive experience for all.
Washington DC is full of amazing museums and galleries that individuals of all ages can appreciate and enjoy. The next time you’re planning to visit DC, take these 4 museums into consideration for an exciting and memorable day.

About Connect: For over 30 years, Connect has been providing clients with a unique, memorable, and reliable transportation experience. Offering the highest quality luxury vehicles, in addition to less formal options for everyday transportation, our professionals are ready to work with you to plan around your local or national travel events. Due to our first class-class service standards, we promise an unparalleled level of service that respects both your safety and your time.

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