November 28, 2023

About Us

We provide information about culture, events, and entertainment in Vietnamese community. Our reach extends to the whole of the Washington Metropolitan area, not localized to a leader or single organization.

Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD Metropolitan is ranked number 5 in US with largest Vietnamese population of 58,767 in U.S. Census Report 2010. However, the Vietnamese population in District of Columbia was decreased 18 percent from 2000 (1,903 in 2000 to 1,567 in 2010. In additional, a large Vietnamese population in District of Columbia didn’t count on Census because they are working visa, student visa, staffs and their families members at Vietnam Embassy in Washington D.C and Vietnam government affiliated.

We see the need of provide information directly to Vietnamese in local area that Vietnamese non-profit organizations didn’t provide to Vietnamese people because they don’t have staffs, budgets, or not related to their mission. We are not affiliated or received any funding with government in Vietnam or U.S., political organizations, non-profit organizations, or charity organizations. was created about 2000.


Domain Name: VIETDC.NET
Updated Date: 2017-04-04T17:28:20Z
Creation Date: 2000-02-15T14:42:40Z


We are also provided Vietnamese information at other 3 major counties in Washington D.C. Metropolitans:

Montgomery County

Arlington County

Fairfax County

We are also provide Vietnamese language site for Washington D.C. Metropolitan if you want to read Vietnamese

Most of our articles are from press releases, announcements, or requesting of Vietnamese organizations to post on our website. Other articles are receiving permission to repost. Video clips and pictures are taking by us during the events or receiving permission to upload for Vietnamese community outreach. We are reserved the rights to refuse posting materials.

We also provided interpreting to your Vietnamese clients with Washington D.C. Metropolitan or translation service on document. Due to time restraint, we won’t take court cases. We have clearance working on Drug Enforcement Agency, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Justice in the past. Our understanding of using Vietnamese words from Northern dialect and Southern dialect will s prevent your outreach from disaster on your effort to outreach Vietnamese community in Washington D.C. metropolitan with wrong word choices from Google translation or Vietnam students on students in USA because they don’t understand the local culture.

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